Lacquer Lust Holographic Thanksgiving/Fall Water Marble

Well hello there you freaking spectacular people! It’s true! I mean if you are reading these words why not feel spectacular?! I am feeling pretty good myself, had a banging Hanukkah feast last night and had a lovely Thanksgiving watching the parade and doing my nails while visiting my grandparents in North Carolina. Brought with me, in my handy dandy polish case, some choice colors that I knew I could work with during my small vaca. Out of those shades were some of Lacquer Lust’s holographic colors which you may already know work great for marbling from my previous design foundĀ HERE. I used Emerald, Ruby and Topaz from the Birthstone collection for this sideways classic petal marbling design. If you happen to be a holographic virgin or just love holo polishes, I would suggest these colors as they are PERFECT! Some are one coaters and the color range is beautiful.




I hope you enjoyed this manicure as much as me! Not sure when these colors will be restocked on Lacquer Lusts SITE so checkout her FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM for updates!



4 observations on “Lacquer Lust Holographic Thanksgiving/Fall Water Marble
  1. Amandah

    This is GORGEOUS Corynn. I do wish you’d done a tutorial for t his, as I haven’t seen a sideways Marbling yet.

    1. mucking fusser

      Thank you! I just got a camera for Hanukkah so I shall be making videos in the future, this is on my list!


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