Skittle Water Marble – Creams & Holographics

Super Duper quick post on this skittle water marble I conjured up this weekend! Got a text from my mom on friday saying “breathe do your nails, my fierce fab rainbow warrior”. This was just what I needed to hear when the weekend started. The stress is just killing me!!!


So I listened to her advice and did my nails! I was totally inspired by Yasmeen (IG: @sloteazzy) a new to me artist on instagram. She did a banging marble where she used a combo of a cream and holographic polish together. GENIUS! Did a bunch of tests with different color combos and I couldn’t resist to do a rainbow skittle. I used 12 different polishes for this piece of work! Lacquer Lusts Topaz, Emerald, Pink Tourmaline and Tanzanite; Color Clubs Cosmic Fate, Kismet, Miss Bliss and Eternal Beauty; Bettina’s Starfish Cerise and Purple; and Zoya’s Hunter. WHEW! I really love the combo of creams of holo’s together!




Okay now that the nails are looking fly again its back to school work! I got dis!



7 observations on “Skittle Water Marble – Creams & Holographics
  1. Marisa

    I do the same thing when I’m stressed with school work! Except I normally wait until the night before something is due and then decide to paint my nails to de-stress, which only leads to more stress haha.

    These nails are so cool though! I love the contrast between the holo and the cremes. Nice work! (:

    1. mucking fusser

      HAHA oh man that gave me a good laugh. I do the same sometimes but I really try not to procrastinate, it makes life so less stressful!

  2. Amandah

    Ah, Corryn, you make me laff when you do an animated or video clip post.
    I’m both in Awe and envy of this Marbling design.
    I have got to get practising.


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