Witches Leggings Halloween Water Marble w/ tutorial

A Waterfall water marble is what I have come up with and is what you have before you this very evening. The reason why I am calling this design a waterfall one is because the way the colors were placed on my nails reminded me of the ripples in water. *After posting this design I had someone mention that it looked similar to witches leggings which I have to say is so on point. I don’t really like the term waterfall marble now that I think of it for this design.* I have a short tutorial at the end of this post for it is actually a really simple marble design. I used OPI’s Mermaid Tears and In My Back Pocket as well as Bettina’s Onix for this design. Instead of using white as a base I used Mermaid Tears which worked great to show full opacity of all the colors. I then topped it off with Lacquer Lust’s I like it Ontop and then Glisten and Glows HKgirl topcoat. I used Lumina Lacquers Peculiar Pumpkin Posse on my thumb which has pumpkin holo glitters in it! Also check out them square pretties! Finally was able to file em down, I like them much more this way



Close up of this amazing glitter topper from Lumina Lacquer, Peculiar Pumpkin Posse over OPI Mermaid Tears. I added some extra pumpkins glitters that I didn’t get out of the bottle since hey they are pretty big glitters. Moons, hearts, diamonds and so many other glitters fill this baby up.


For supplies needed check out one of my other tutorials HERE. This is going to be a super quick tutorial so if you have any questions afterwards please ask. This design works better with shorter nails.

1) Create your desired bullseye. I used five rings of colors for my bulleyes.

2) Take your stick and drag from the middle to the sides of the cup.

3) Do this again from the middle to the other side of the cup.

4) Find the largest part of the half circle, line up your nails and dip it.

5) Leave your nail submerged while you pick up the excess polish ontop of the water.

6) Take off the tape you used to keep your finger clean and then use an orange stick/qtip/cleanup brush to further clean around your nail and cuticle


*After looking at it you really wouldn’t have to even make a design in the water like I have here. I think I did this so that the lines would be straighter for if you didn’t do strokes from the middle to the rim of the cup it would you would get more curved lines in your design*


*I wrote this post too quickly and too late at night so forgive me on that one.*


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