Halloween Anyone?: Double accent Water Marble

OH people let me tell you something, Corynn has survived past this week for she had three exams and a bunch of other craziness that occurred this week, and now yes, now it is the freaking weekend and she is one HAPPY mofo! Broke down on Wednesday this week and did my nails for I was just over studying for all my exams and the pretties needed some attention.

Received an order from Bettina Cosmetics this week, for they are only available in Florida and Puerto Rico, and was just so excited to use them. Their creams are like a dream send for water marbling. I used Purple, Starfish and Onix for a double accent watermarble and then threw some of Rainbow Honey’s Yoshimi overtop of Bettinas Purple and Starfish on my outer nails. Kind of was inspired by the black and white glitter for I shall be honest I have never used before, black and white glitter that is. Kind of cray cray how awesome it can make any color look and it goes so well with the marble, just gives it that extra pazaz and its pretty Halloweeny if I do say so myself. Topped her all off with Glisten & Glow’s HKgirl topcoat to seal it all off, my current fav topcoat.


Couldn’t help but to take a few photos with some mellowcreme pumpkins which I always buy over the candy corn. Realizing just now that I don’t have a bowl of candy in the house. Must rectify this issue ASAP.


Ran outside the next morning to take some photos in the sun and noticed this little guy on my mums. It may look creepy to some but nature is always beautiful in my eyes and it was nice to enjoy a few seconds with this bumble bee eating on the flowers in the cold of the morning.


So now that I am done with this blog and the rest of my week I am pretty much feeling like Ron Swanson when he hears that bacon is ready.



YAT let the weekend BEGIN!

Thanks for reading loves! <3



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    1. mucking fusser

      HA yay thank you! I be a glitter and holo whore all the way! I can’t believe I had never used B&W glitter till now!


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