Breast Cancer Awareness Zoya Water Marble

What a crazy week! Just thinking about my next exams, which happen to all be on the same week, has been killing me. I feel like I have been stressing more then I have been studying, thats a big problem. I find myself doing this throughout the day, way too much.


What to do when you are this type of situtaion I ask? Sit yourself down and do something you really love and want to do. In my case today it was writing some on ze blog while listening to my new fav singer, LORDE. Love her!

This past sunday I sat at my table of joy, my nail table, browsing my now SIX shelfs (I think it might be helmer time) of all the beautiful colors I could choose from to marble with. Of course I have a stupendous amount of untried’s to use but that usually never dictats what kind of water marble I am going to conjure up on a sunday night. After many tests, tons of combos and lots of swatch sticks, the beauty you have before you was born.


At first I was quite hesitate on doing this girly look as I like to have some what of a purpose behind the color choices I make and these ones just kind of worked at random. Later in the evening, after I finished my nails, someone on instagram posted about how October was Breast Cancer Awareness month. I must of totally been totally vibing because I haven’t done a pink marble in forever. I personally lost my father to throat cancer when I was 16 and support awareness of any kind. Looking back I think that if I had known about october being all about pink, besides halloween of course, that I would of done this all in the pink colors. But I love purple so hard I’m letting it slide, plus my thumb is marbled pink ;)


In this photo you can see how well these Zoya shades blended together, the pink ones especially. I can’t get enough of the awesome randomness water marbling can create. I am so unartistic in real life but when I marble I feel all pro and junk. Suppose I am, haaa!


All together I used six Zoya creams for this manicure. Shelby, Lara, Areej, Perrie, Audrina and Mira. As you can maybe tell I was sort of going for an ombre look on each nail. I also tried some other combos in green and blue  but these were working out way better. I used Cult Nails ‘Tempest’ as my white base and used Glisten & Glows ‘HKgirl’ topcoat which I be totally loving on.


Here we are up close and personal with my two middle fingers. It looks like I dipped them together but  I actually did them separately. As I mentioned before the pink shades blended together very well and I was able to create a very tight nice looking marble.


Another dominant hand appearance! I am always writing in class and at home studying so my poor dominat hand’s cuticles aren’t as nice as the other. But the marbles on this hand came out more to my liking because the lines are just so distinct. Really love these pink Zoya creams.


The next day I threw on some of Nail Pattern Boldnesses ‘Alpha Nail’ which I happingly won in a giveaway from Llarowe. It gives theses colors such a nice shimmer and tone, hard to photograph on my phone but I can’t stop staring even more now.




All good things are happening! Not sure how much I’ll be able to do meh nails in the next couple of weeks but I’m gona keep my head up and get things done the right way, just like these guys did, well better then them but you get the idea.

Anybody else showing support for breast cancer awareness month? Tag your photos to #muckingawareness and I’ll take a look I’d love to see em!


2 observations on “Breast Cancer Awareness Zoya Water Marble
  1. ann-marie mackay

    ok silly question: Do some polishes work better than others for marbleing?
    I tried a marble once 2 years ago with the only polishes I had at the time–Avon, and they worked well.
    I just tried the other night with a Sally Hanseon one and the polish just beaded up and sunk to the bottom (one drop of polish). I also some that just spread out like a thin oil slick and don’t stay put in the cup.
    Does the water have to be super cold?

    Thanks :)

    1. mucking fusser

      Not silly at all, probably one of my most asked ones. Yes some don’t work at all and others work great. Hmm I usually recommend sally hansens hard as nails xtreme wear line. The creamy new ones work great and they are always readily available at walmart or walgreens. Try those out and if it still doesn’t work for ya get back to me ;) The water should be room temperture filtered water. Check out some of my tutorials :)


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