Sweet Chevrons – piCture pOlish Beige and Honey Dew

More piCture pOlish time! I have been really falling in love with all of piCture pOlish’s shades in the past few months and today I have fallen in love all over again with nail art in general. Presenting my first FULL on chevron mani!


Using three thin coats of Beige as my base I obtained such an elegant look. Honey Dew went perfectly along with it and I really love the perfection of the chevrons, if I do say so myself.


Also trying out a new watermark on my photos. Made a little rainbow heart using one of my water marbles as the background. Rainbow is after all my favorite color so I think it works perfectly! Just something else to add to ze photos.


Monday mail day happened today and I got myself a little black light from amazon. I’ve been meaning to get one for awhile now and it just so happens to get here when I’m wearing a black light reactive polish! Look at Honey Dew glow! This would look banging in the club, oh yes!


I found myself thinking about my love Jessie (IG: Nailsofjessiek) when doing these. She always has the best chevron and tape manicures! I showed these to her and she totally approved, patting myself on the back for this creation.


What do you guys think of this combination of piCture pOlish shades and how about that new watermark? Keep it?

If you’d like to purchase these piCture pOlish shades or any others then you should know they sell and ship their products to the U.S. and many other countries thru their website located HERE. You can also purchase piCture pOlish shades thru a multiple of other shops located at this LINK where the shipping might be more to your liking, depending on your location of course.

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