Review Black Luna Lacquer – Kelly, Mystery and Ghost

Hey beautiful people! Today has been kind of a funky day for me not sure what my brain is feeling. But alas I have some shades from a great indie brand named Black Luna Lacquer. You may have seen me share a few other shades from this brand on my Instagram, all which I have been impressed with.

Kelly is a cream based purple with iridescent microglitters. My photos show it a little brighter then it really is. I used two coats which applied nicely. I really like the shape of the bottles and the brushes this brand has as well. I absolutely love the shade of this color! I saw it awhile back and knew I needed it and was so happy when I was sent it! This shade could for sure be worn on its own it stands out really nicely. I decided to do a little ‘glitter gradient’ using Venique ‘Sea Diamonds’ which I recently received from my friend Jessica (IG: Jessuhhhkuh). Its the perfect glitter topper and I really love the elegance of it along with Kelly.


Mystery is a metallic dark blue jelly with blue and silver microglitter. I used two coats which applied pretty nicely for all the glitter that was in it. Added a chevron accent using Black Luna Lacquers ‘Master Plan’ and Aengland’s ‘Excalibur’. Blue and yellow are my school colors so maybe that’s why I came up with this combo. Yea for school spirit!


Ghost is a white crelly with a pearly finish and holo microglitters. Ghost could also be appplied in 3-4 coats for full opacity but I decided to use one coat overtop of Cult Nails ‘Tempest’. I then added some of China Glazes ‘I’m not Lion’ on my accent. I think I’m on an elegant kick or something.


All in all I am really liking the shades that Black Luna Lacquer has been creating. I even placed an order for one of her more popular shades ‘Cat Eyes’ which is a lovely minty cream, I just couldn’t resist.

You can purchase all these shades at Black Luna Lacquer’s store HERE.
Also check out her Instagram and Facebook for daily deals!

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