Lumina Lacquer Mucking Rainbows Luminated Ladies Collection

I am so EXCITED about this weekends post! Like seriously I have been on the edge of my seat for weeks getting so hyped! Alright so awhile back the glorious and great Tatiana of Lumina Lacquer asked me if I would like to be a part of a collection that she was creating. Tatiana wanted to work together with her favorite bloggers/IGers and create a shade with each of them. What an amazing idea!

Now at first I was having a hard time coming up with what type of polish I wanted to create with Tatiana. Do I choose a jelly, maybe a shimmer, or do I go with the ever favorite of mine GLITTER BOMB! Yea, I went with the glitter bomb, you just can never go wrong with a glitter polish from Lumina Lacquer! Then I had the problem of deciding which colors and what types of glitter. Can you tell I am bad at making decisions? So with a little thought and some IMAGINATION, as spongebob would say, we came up with…


MUCKING RAINBOWS! YES, you heard me right, Mucking Rainbows! The name decision was tough as well! Ode to you indie makers, naming polish is hard!


Let me just inform you on the contents of this super hardcore banging beauty of a glitter bomb. Large holo circles in teal and silver; large metallic circles in dark purple; large, medium and small hexes in neon pink, neon green, dark purple and teal; small circles in pink, purple and teal; green, pink and orange shards; silver holo moons and microglitters. Need I say more?


Right when I got Mucking Rainbows in the mail I sat myself down and swatched it over a rainbow of colors. I used one coat, NO fishing, of Mucking Raninbows overtop of (L-R) Cult Nails Love at First Sight, Riot, Butter London Cake-Hole, Wellies, Pimms, Silly Billy, CN Evil Queen, Tillie Polish Golden Goddess, Aengland Excalibur, CN Tempest and Aenglands Camelot. Just want a sight! This was taken in a semi shaded area, don’t mind the background, which really shows all those different types of glitter whether  it be metallic or holo. What did I pair Mucking Rainbows with you ask?


TA-DA!!! I choose to use Aenglands Camelot, my favorite black, as my base for Mucking Rainbows. Plus the silver mircoglitters really stand out, something I think brings the whole polish together. And oh yes that is a water marble on my outer nails. I used Sally Hansens Lacey Lilac, Blue Me Away, Fuchsia Power, Sun Kissed, Yellow Mellow and Green with Envy, shades that always work for marbling. I don’t even know how I got such great placement on my pointer finger it is the best paring for Mucking Rainbows! Now time for some super spam of this manicure!




I heart Mucking Rainbows so hard! Here is what my heart looks like when I see it.


Now let’s get a little up close and personal with Mucking Rainbows. This marco shot is kinda reminding me of a rainbow in the nighttime, from the shiny teal holo circles to the sporadic holo moons scattered throughout.


Here is Mucking Rainbows out in the sunlight overtop my thumb. Since it is so large I was almost able to get every kind of glitter onto it. WOW I am seriously falling in love all over again with this glitter freaking bomb!



Macros of glitters always give me such…


Here is a comparison shot of Mucking Rainbows. The top photo is indoors and the bottom is outdoors in the sunlight.


I feel so lucky to have this shade in my collection and well just for it to exisit! Tatiana and I went back and forth till we came up with the perfect shade for me.


This was such a big secret! Today is the first time I got to see the other girls colors and they are all equally amazing as Mucking Rainbows! I am going to have to complete the collection and grab the other three. This is only part one of Lumina Lacquers Luminated Ladies Collection so make sure you follow Tatiana on Instagram and Facebook.

Mucking Rainbows and the first part of the Luminated Ladies collection will be releasing this Tuesday 8/27 at 11am Pacific time on Lumina Lacquers store.


Come on….


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  2. BellaDonna

    MF, you cracked me up with this post, loooooool!
    Loved it, your polish you designed is wowsome, especially outside pictures.

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