Color Blocking with Tutorial using Fnug shades

Needed to take a little break from swatching so I decided to do this design that I have been wanting to try for a long time. This color blocking manicure using some fun Fnug shades was totally inspired by the very talented Eva of Coewless Polish. Fung’s Glamazonian, Goodie Bag, Hipsters and Go-To were the perfect colors for this bright design. I really love the way it came out! I am always hesitant when doing something else then a water marble but I realized that this  was actually a really simple technique for it’s outcome; so I created a quick tutorial for it, see below for the full details.





TUTORIAL: You will need some nail or striping tape, which can be found HERE,  scissors, tweezers, a quick drying topcoat and a white polish as well as four other different colors. PREP: cute up 15 pieces of striping tape and open the polishes to be used.

1) Paint your nails white and let that dry. Then apply topcoat and let that dry as well.

2) Using tweezers to pick up a piece of the striping tape and place it onto your nail lengthwise (as shown in photo).

3 & 4) Place another two piece’s of tape onto your nail, as shown in the photos

5) With your chosen colors carefully paint each block. Make sure to not go out your line or use too much polish on your brush. Two coats may be needed depending on the polishes you use.

6) With your tweezers carefully remove both side pieces of tape. Then remover the other piece. Let this dry and apply topcoat to smooth it out.


If you have any questions please feel free to ask here or on instagram!

Also if you’d like to try Fnug polishes for yourself check out LLAROWE.


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