TUTORIAL: 4th of July Striped Water Marble


Another tutorial for the 4th of July! Check out the other one I did HERE.

1) I used Cult Nails Tempest as my white base and then used Butter Londons Come to Bed Red, Blagger and their Hardwear topcoat instead of white to avoid that pinkish color you get when you use red and white when water marbling.

You will need: a small plastic solo bathroom cup filled with room temperature filtered water; masking tape; orange sticks or toothpicks; paper towels; and polish remover with a clean up brush and qtips.


2) As always apply a base coat of white to your nail/s and let that dry. Next rip off a piece of short masking tape and wrap it around your finger near the base of the nail. Rip off a longer piece of masking tape and wrap that around the sides and top of your finger (fingers can be wrapped individually or all at once. You may want to rip all the pieces you are going to use before you begin marbling so you don’t mess up any nails in the process)

3) Open up all your polishes and begin dropping them into the cup one after another. Allow the polishes to spread on the surface of the water as you drop each polish. If the first drop of polish doesn’t dissipate to the edges of the cup then simply place the orange stick into the water and break the surface tension so the polish anchors onto the edge of the cup. It really depends on the type of polish you are using but for this I used 5 drops of both red and clear polish and 4 drops of blue. I also ended my bulleyes design with the clear polish.

4) Once you have your nice bulleyes drag from the center out to the edge of the cup with your toothpick or orange stick and kind of anchor the polish to the sides of the cup. Wipe off the tool you are using on a paper towel so that you can create fine line designs in the water, do this after every stroke. Now drag from the center to the opposite side of the cup.

5) Next drag your orange stick from the top middle part to the edge of the cup to sort of anchor it. After wiping off the stick drag form the edge of the cup to the middle. If need be gently dip the stick into the water to create a cleaner design. But be careful the clear coat can get kinda sticky.

6) Repeat step 5 on the same side of the marble a couple more times till you have a nice striped looking design.

7-9) These steps show the process of step five in a little more detail.

10) The end design should look something like this. We didn’t want to drag our stick through the whole design, the middle, since we are using a clear coat

11) When you find the best striped design in the cup slowly and gently dip your painted and taped nail onto the design and and let your finger slide into the water.

12) Leaving your nail submerged use another stick to pick up the excess polish on top of the water. Once you have done this, slowly pull your finger out of the water. If there are any bubbles where your cuticle meets the nail dip it back in so the bubble can be popped in the water.

13) Slowly take off the masking tape around your finger, you don’t want to knick your beautiful design.

14) Using a q-tip dipped in polish remover clean up the large amounts of polish around and under your nail. Then use a clean up brush dipped in remover to clean up the rest of the polish around your cuticle. I tend to use a clean orange stick to remove some of this polish away as well.

15) Wait around 20 minutes or so before you apply a top coat and make sure its a non smear one too. Thats always the worst feeling!

Note: since you are using a clear coat you need to work kind of fast because it dries faster then the regular colors, but don’t rush let it be fun!

If you decide to try out this design or are ever inspired by me please tag #muckinginspired on instagram I would love to see it!


If you found any parts of this tutorial confusing or have any questions for me please feel free to comment here, on instagram or you can even email me!

What kind of nails are you guys planning for the holiday next week?


6 observations on “TUTORIAL: 4th of July Striped Water Marble
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  2. Malena Murphy

    This is a great tutorial. I’ve never done marbling before because I’ve been scared to try it. I didn’t know how much polish is used or wasted and it always seemed so difficult, but I think I can do your tutorial. Do you use the same cup for all ten fingers? Or one cup each hand? Do you try and dip each finger in a different spot where you pulled the orange stick through? Do you have any videos of the process? Thanks a bunch.

    1. mucking fusser

      I’m glad you feel confident to do it! I use the same water and same cup for each nail, dipping them one at a time making a new design for each nail. When dipping your finger I just try and find the best looking design. You can practice using a piece of index card a few times. I don’t have any videos at this time but hope to have that ability in the future. I did make a quick little video on instagram for this design though that might help some :)

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  4. BellaDonna

    Gosh, you make Marbling look so dam easy.
    Tried it 2weeks ago, and it so did not work.
    Maybe I need to use better polishes than I did!


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