TUTORIAL: 4th of July Star Water Marble

Here is the tutorial for ther star water marble design, sort of firework looking :)

You will need: Three creamy polishes, I used sally hansens Cherry Red, White On and Pacific Blue; a small plastic solo bathroom cup filled with room temperature filtered water; masking tape; orange sticks or toothpicks; and polish remover with a brush and qtips.


1.) Apply a base coat of white to your nail/s and let that dry. Next rip off a piece of short masking tape and wrap it around your finger near the base of the nail. Rip off a longer piece of masking tape and wrap that around the sides and top of your finger (fingers can be wrapped individually or all at once. You may want to rip all the pieces you are going to use before you begin marbling so you don’t mess up any nails in the process)

2.) Open all the polishes and begin to drop the red and white one after another into the water. Allow the polishes to spread on the surface of the water as you drop each polish. If the first drop of polish doesn’t dissipate to the edges of the cup then simply place the orange stick in water and break the surface tension so the polishes anchor onto the cup. You really want to let the polishes dissipate all the way so that you can minimize bleeding of the polishes since you are using white. I used three rings of red and white and one blue ring in the middle to create the star.

3.) Once you have your nice bulleyes drag from the center out to the edge of the cup with your toothpick or orange stick and kind of anchor the polish to the sides of the cup. Wipe off the tool you are using on a paper towel so that you can create  fine line designs in the water.

4-7) Now to create the star drag out from the middle another 4 times. Do this very gently and slowly for that will help you maximize your blue in the design.

9-10) Next very slowly and gently drag from the outside into the middle of the star, not dipping your stick into the middle.

11.) To clean up the middle and create the star dip your tool into the middle and pick up the excess polish that has been dragged to the center.

12.) You should now have a nice looking star, withe blue in the middle.

13.) With your polished and taped finger find the area you want to dip. Slowly dip your nail onto the design and let your finger slide into the water.

14.) With an orange stick pick up the excess polish floating on the top of the water.

15.) Once you have picked up all the polish slowly take your nail out of the water. If there are any bubbles where your cuticle meets the nail dip it back in so the bubble can be popped in the water.

16.) Take off the masking tape and clean up your nail with a q-tip and then a fine brush dipped in polish remover. Wait as long as possible before adding top coat since you don’t want to ruin your awesome design!

If you find any of this confusing or have any questions please comment below, on instagram or email me!


6 observations on “TUTORIAL: 4th of July Star Water Marble
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  3. Penny Thompson

    Nice, very nice. I may have to pick up that red, though. Every one I’ve tried out of my stash just turns a purplish red in the water. Not exactly the right kind of red for what I had in mind. Thanks for the tutorial.

    1. mucking fusser

      Yes, this combo of colors works great and they aren’t expensive! Glad my tutorial could help you.

  4. Danielle Bailey

    This water marble design is absolutely beautiful and flawless. I have attempted water marbling many times and failed miserably every time lol! I would LOVE to see a video of your technique to see what I am doing wrong and what your secret is to such a perfect looking marbled nail! I know you are busy and I know this takes time, so if or when you can do a video, please shoot me an email letting me know so I can look for it! Thanks so much! Have a good one :)

    1. mucking fusser

      Hi Danielle! Thank you so much! Marbling can be frustrating at times but I would love you help you in any way I can. I do plan to start making video tutorials and tips as soon as I figure it all out. With it being summer I do have extra time! I’ll make sure to get in touch with you :)


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