Pretty Serious- Seriously Random part 1

So many things lined up on my list of things to do! Mostly nail polish related but thats okay right?!

Today I am so happy to bring you a couple colors from Pretty Serious‘s new Seriously Random line. Pretty serious is an Australian based indie line and they always have amazing colors and formulas.

I won’t be posting all four today, I wanted to kind of spread out these beauties a bit and maybe even do a little art with them! First up is the beautiful Grimm Demise. This beauty has lots of fine teal micro glitters inside of a teal jelly base.

This jelly best stands out if it’s layered over another giving it the ability to make your average blue or even black into something fab! For my manicure I used one coat of Milani Fresh Teal and one awesome coat of Grimm Demise.


I must share with you the description from Pretty Serious’s site:

“Little children don’t fare well in the shimmering, dark forests where the witches lie in wait, and now you can wear this fairytale on your fingertips as well. This sparkly teal polish has it’s own intriguing aura of dark magic about it.”

How great?! You can find Grim Demise HERE.


Alrighty! Now we have Purple Monkey Dishwasher. Can you say seriously random?! PMD has bunches of violet micro glitters filled up in a violet jelly base.


I used two coats of Butter London’s Brummie with one fabtabulous coat of Purple Monkey Dishwasher. I absolutely love the shimmerness in these translucent jellies.


Once again I must share Pretty Serious’s Description of Purple Monkey Dishwasher:

“Purple Monkey Dishwasher does not contain any actual monkeys (hey, we’re vegan and cruelty free!), and it won’t actually wash your dishes for you, but it is 100% purple! Sparkly purple!”

Awesome! You can find Purple Monkey Dishwasher HERE.


Check out my posts later in the week for My Darlin’ Clementine and Cybernetic.

You can check out Pretty Serious on Facebook and Instagram.

To purchase these check out Pretty Serious’s site HERE.

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