piCture pOlish Demeter with gold foil

Another day, another post! It’s time for my weekly piCture pOlish post. For this week I choose to try out Demeter, a collaboration shade made by Harlow & Co. and piCture pOlish together. I am totally feeling this earthy brown scattered holo jelly. I used two very smooth coats which was even a little better then the previous jelly I reviewed.


I knew that some gold foil would be a match made in heaven when using Demeter. I also added some accent dots using Zoya Goldie to my outer nails. Demeter is the goddess of the harvest, making this the perfect shade “for all the down to earth goddesses!”


Visiting my mom and she sees this polish and says, “I want that one,” sign of a good color? I think yes! I’m going to have to pass this over to my mom now even though it’s such a perfect holoy brown.


Everytime I use one of my piCture pOlish shades I am more and more impressed. Be on the lookout for more posts using these lovely shades!

If you’d like to purchase this piCture pOlish shade or any other ones then you should know they sell and ship their products to the U.S. and many other countries thru their website located HERE. You can also purchase piCture pOlish shades thru a multiple of other shops located at this LINK where the shipping might be more to your liking, depending on your location of course.

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