Nail Pattern Boldness- Glitter a peel review

Hey there beautiful people! Wanted to do a short and sweet post on something I picked up the other day from an awesome indie brand Nail Pattern Boldness called Glitter A-Peel.

Aren’t you tired of using a whole bag of cotton balls to take off your glitter polishes? Or you may use the foil method where you wrap soaked cotton balls onto your nail. Well ladies NPB has fixed this dilemma with a safe a affordable product.

Glitter A-Peel acts as a base coat, the application is like any other, even nicer I would say. When dried you can use an orange stick to kind of peel off the polish. As you can see below the polish from my last manicure is fully intact! I would have used the foil method if I didn’t have this and I always find myself having to scrap off some glitter at the tips of my fingers. With Glitter A-Peel I don’t have to go through all that work it get off my polish.


Your first thought may be, “well doesn’t it hurt your nail?” and the answer is not at all! Here on my nails, yes they are naked, after taking off the polish with my orange stick (all questions on my nail length and nail care will soon be answered in an upcoming post). As you can see some residue is left over but not even enough that you would need two cotton balls. I wore this for around 24 hours so I can’t be that good a judge on the wear time of it. Personally I think it’s a good base and would not just peel off because it was made to.


Glitter A-Peel can be found on Nail Pattern Boldness’s Etsy shop or at Llarwoe. It’s a great way to save time and even save your manicures if you’d like.

4 observations on “Nail Pattern Boldness- Glitter a peel review
    1. cmusser

      I forgot to add that in there but I just put a little blurb in my post about that. I only wore it for 24 hours so I can’t be that good a judge.

  1. Celina

    Thanks for awesome post chica!
    Guess who went straight to Etsy and got some of that, yup – yours truly haha!

    Can’t wait to get it :)



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