La Couleur Couture- Classic Pastel Tribal Water Marble

Hello you beautiful people! I had to take a break from all the swatching I’ve been doing and do a water marble. Plus the sun hasn’t been out for the past two days so those lumina’s will just have to wait. So many awesome things on the list!

Sitting at my desk this morning looking at my racks of polish my eyes leaned toward my collection of La Couleur Couture polishes. Most likely because I recently added a bunch of new colors that I got from a sale that Vegan Cuts is having on LaCC colors, a 5-free vegan friendly lacquer.

Why it has taken me this long to marble again with my LaCC polishes, I do not know. They are like made for water marbling I swear! Sometimes I have to redo a nail, but when I use these babies the marble always comes out great!


I used LaCC 1964, 1972 and 1977. This orange, purple and teal color combo kind of reminded me of a tribal manicure, hence the title of this post. 1972 looks a little pink in my photos, most likely due to it being a thin marbled layer, but is much more of a pastel purple. I decided to do what I call the classic water marble design with a little twist, something I’ve done before and can’t get enough of!


These are only available for purchase in various outlets such as Llarowe or Harlow & Co.

BUT if you check out Vegan Cuts they have LaCC polishes for just $9.50 instead of the usual $14.00 which I feel is a major difference (this is a sale that I do not know when ends). I highly recommend these vegan friendly 5-free lacquers. Not only do they have lovely colors but the application and wear of them is just phenomenal. So follow this link HERE for the sale on Vegan Cuts.

I would check out Globe and Nail’s swatches of all LaCC colors HERE, just amazing!

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