Julep June Bombshell Box Review

So the lumina lacquers I go yesterday had to hold off since the rain decided to make the sun hide. But don’t worry you won’t be dissapointed for what have in store with them!

For tonight I decided to review my Julep box that I got this month, something I’ve been wanting to do for awhile. I was planning on doing a watermarble with them but these colors were just not agreeing with me. But hey whattya gona do? So here are swatches and what I think about em.

At first with this months box I thought of skipping it. Preppy styles just aren’t my thing, which was the theme of this months box, and I didn’t really see any colors that I absolutely needed. But being the Julep fan that I am I couldn’t resist, so I went with my usual style of Bombshell which included Reagan, Payton, Juleps new Dynamic Do-all Concealer Creme and some salt water taffy.


Here we have two coats of Payton a vibrant green creme with top coat. This polish was a tad bit on the thick side, but not overly thick. One coat would not be enough for full opacity. I would call it more of a crelly.


Decided to try out my new Cult Nails ‘Wax That‘ top coat with my Juleps. Really loving the way Wax that made this green look. I almost wish it would of just had that finish. I wore this color out to dinner this evening and really loved the vibrantness of it. Besides the application I say thumbs up.


Again I used two coats but of Reagan, a semi dark pink creme. Reagan was also kind of thick for a cream, in my world. Unlike Payton, Reagan had opacity with one coat. I felt the need to add another for it was not smooth to my liking.


Had to add Cult Nails ‘Wax That’  to this one as well. I think I shall be waxing many more things, nail wise that is.


As for the concealer I personally don’t wear much makeup so I really didn’t know how I would feel about it. I choose the medium skin tone for myself.  It does include 25 SPF which is a plus for me. The photo on the left is without and the photo on the right is with the concealer.


I’m hoping next months box will be a little better last month I wasn’t to found of the lipstick and went with the It Girl style where you get three polishes and no beauty products. I feel as though I should of done that now with this month.

Julep is semi responsible for starting my love for nail polish. Back in December they were having so many sales where polishes that usually go for $15 were only $3. They are having their first online warehouse sale, which I suggest you check out. It is going to be for 24 hours starting June 17th 6:00am PDT.

If you’d like to sign up to be a maven and receive your first box for just a penny follow the link below and make sure to enter FREEBOX at checkout.

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