4th of July Striped Water Marble with Tutorial

I’m on a roll I tell ya! Another 4th of July water marble design. I don’t know if I like this striped design or the star design more! I also did a tutorial for this striped design which you can find HERE. When using white and red in a water marble its almost unavoidable to have some pinkish color appear due to the two colors mingling together. So instead of using white in my marble I decided to try out using a clear coat, since I always use a white base for my marbles anyway.


I started with Cult Nails Tempest as my white base coat, the polish I always use for my water marbles. I then used Butter London’s Come to Bed Red and Blagger the perfect red and blue shades for 4th of July. I also used Butter London’s Hardwear top coat for the second time in a water marble and again I found great success. I always have success using Butter London’s shades when marbling.


I was very pleased with how fine the lines came out when using the clear coat. This is a great way to avoid that unwanted pink color. For all the steps on how to achieve this look, check out the tutorial I created for it HERE.


Are you guys planning your design for next week yet?!


2 observations on “4th of July Striped Water Marble with Tutorial
  1. Jessica Robinson

    You little genius you!!!! Using clear coat and a white base!! I swear you were sent straight from the watermarbel gods!!! ;) lol awesome job!


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