4th of July Star Water Marble with Tutorial

Oh my oh my yes lovelies it is the weekend! Finally a 4th of July water marble! And lemme tell ya its a beauty! Using all Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear colors I’ve created this magical star marble pattern. I’ve also created a tutorial for this design, which you can find HERE. I haven’t done a water marbling tutorial for so long!


Now I didn’t just come with this idea on my own, I followed my nail guru Collette of Simple Little Pleasures on youtube. She really helped me get into marbling since she has over 80 videos just for it! I may be the “Marbling Queen” but she is like the marbling Goddess! I suggest you check her out till I get myself a youtube setup.


Each nail ended up having a small imperfection to it that I decided would give the chance for me to address some marbling issues. 1) Pointer- you cant really see it in this photo but in the very middle of the star there is the slightest white hole. This was due to me dipping my stick in the middle too much. 2) Middle- Right on the tip there is a slight knick, something that can really make your marble look sloppy. This one was placed nicely and can be overlooked. 3) Ring- on the top of the star you can see a slight darker line of blue. This happens sometimes when you are taking your finger out of the water. Some polish that is stuck to your cuticle, possibly a bubble creates this. 4) Pinky- placement for this type of water marble can be very though at times. The pinky has a slightly larger top point then the others. I hope these slight imperfections show you guys some ways to help make your manicure look nice and neat.


I used Sally Hansen’s Cherry Red, White On and Pacific Blue, all which can be found in your local Wal-greens, CVS, and Walmart. A very popular cheap brand that I always find works great for water marbling. I then used some of Lacquer Lust’s ‘I Like it On Top’ specail effect top coat to give it that extra shininess! It always makes a water marble pop! Even though this is a star design my man says it looks like fireworks. I’ll just have to agree with him on that since they are for 4th of July!

Have a look at my other blog post for the tutorial on this design HERE.




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