Square Hue Madonna Collection Water Marble

Alright so this blog is under construction but lets get it going with my most recent water marble using some colors from my monthly Square Hue box. This is my second month receiving a box from Square hue and I have to say its quite pleasant. The colors have all been nice and bright, matching this month and April, and they rock for water marbling!


I used Happy Cream and Day Glow which were the creamy ones of the trio of pink that came in the Madonna collection.

I did a pretty random design for this marble but it still came out nicely which is one of the major reasons I love water marbling. You can drag your tool any which one at times and still come out with a cool design.
IMG_9824[1] I’m probably going to keep my subscription for Square Hue since its $20 for three 15ml polishes and they work good for what I do!

You can sign up at Square Hue’s website here!


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