piCture pOlish Camo with Splatter Nail Tutorial

Hey there lovelies! Back home from visiting my mom for a couple weeks and finally getting a chance to do nails again, I mean it’s only been flipping 5 days! That’s just too long, especially since I’m on summer break. I had to skip last weeks piCture pOlish post but I am real excited about this one. A few weeks back I did a splatter manicure in a bunch of different colors. I figured these three shades from piCture pOlish would go together great for this design. Camo, Demeter and Beige.


To start out I used Camo as my base since it was kind of in the middle range of colors between Demeter and Beige. “Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide!” HA love it! I can’t get enough of their little sayings on their bottles.

Picture Polish- camoAs you can see camo is a muted green cream. It screams camo! I used two coats for these photos they applied kind of streaky but the top coat fixed that. Camo is not a shade I personally would rock by itself, of course unless I was on my way to boot camp or something of that nature. So I had to spruce it up a bit like I do.


And BAM! More splatter! So like I said these colors were just too perfect for each other. I mean if I had my nails in the woods hunting I’m sure I could catch all the animals, not that I would want to, unless it was Deer because jerky is tasty. For the photo below I didn’t apply topcoat to my outer nails so you can observe the textured look this effect gives you. I would suggest applying topcoat to all nails if you want to prevent chipping of course.

Picturepolish-camo2Here they are with top coat on them all. My boyfriend approves with the remark “My god it looks awesome,” so I am pretty satisfied. But seriously I really do like this effect it’s not too hard at all, therefore I had to create a tutorial!


The supplies you will need to achieve this effect are: At least 3 shades of polish, computer paper, small black bar straws, masking tape and scissors.

Set up: Lay the paper onto your work surface, this will help with clean up. Open all polishes to be used.


1.) Apply a base coat of your choice and let that dry. If you’d like to make the clean up process easier then apply some tape around your nail.

2.) Next dab a few drops of the first polish you want to use onto the paper in the corner somewhere. Take the straw and dab it into the wet polish.

3.) Now with your nail placed onto the paper somewhere, blow the polish onto your nail. This may take a few tries and even when you get the hang of it sometimes the polish just doesn’t go right onto the nail.

4.) When needed dab some more polish onto the paper. After about  4-5 blows you can achieve the first layer. You don’t want to add TOO much since you want the other color(s) to stand out as well. The amount of layers you blow can also depend on the thickness of your polish or how many colors you are using since you don’t have to use just two.

5-7) Now repeat steps 2-4. You might accidentally blow a big glob of polish onto your nail which could kind of take away from the rest of them. If this happen try to gently disperse or rid of this glob. You might just have to redo that one, or you might feel that it adds to the randomness of the design.

8.)  When you have applied enough blows to your nail (haha that sounds funny) remove the tape and clean up around your nail with a q-tip and polish remover.

9.) You can then take a small clean up brush to clean up around your cuticles. Wait for this to dry for around 20 minutes or so and then apply a NON smearing top coat. With the straws I like to reuse them for each nail so I take some scissors and cut the tips so I have a nice clean surface for the next nail.

If you have any questions what so ever about this tutorial, other tutorials, or just polish in general please feel free to leave me a comment or contact me on Instagram or Facebook. You can also contact me here.

If you’d like to purchase these piCture pOlish shades or any other ones then you should know they sell and ship their products to the U.S. and many other countries thru their website located HERE. You can also purchase piCture pOlish shades thru a multiple of other shops located at this LINK where the shipping might be more to your liking, depending on your location of course.

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