Minty Mermaid Fin Water Marble

Blogging on my iPhone, ya think it’s possible?! HA! Still up in the mountains visiting my mama so bear with me for this real quick post!

You may be thinking, “she brings polish with her on vacation?” And the answer is hell yes! I gotta get my fix ya know?! Looking back I probably should of brought more colors, because last night I just was having trouble with my color combos. But thankfully I tried out a combo using Wet n’ Wilds Refresh Mint, given to me by my love Jessie (IG: nailsofjessiek) and Aengland’s Camelot, which is a pure black cream.

imageThe mermaid fin design was calling me and at first when I finished I wasn’t to hyped up about it all. But then as I started taking pictures I gradually fell more and more with the whole shabang.imageThe larger portion of the minty color threw me off but actually is really well balanced. Just another reason why I love water marbling so much. You really can’t get the outcome you get with any other type of technique, at least I think so.

imageLots more water marbles and swatches to come, this is gona be a busy summer!

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