Laquerlicious- Polish for Pitbulls

Ay there lovelies! Finally found a sunny day to try out these two beautiful Polishes for Pitbull’s made by the awesomely creative Michelle of Laquerlicious. The special thing about these shades is not only that they are darn gorgeous but a portion of the proceeds goes towards the Fresno Bully Rescue; a nonprofit organization that rescues pit bulls.

First up is “Love-A-Bull” isn’t the name just too cute?! This shade is a lovely darkish purple jelly with lots of purple micro glitters and just the right amount of holo to give it that rainbow shimmer in the light, especially in the sun.


Just to show you how pretty those rainbow holo glitters look here is an out of focus comparison of Love-A-Bull which had a great application for a jelly not too streaky and pretty much opaque in one coat. I used two coats with my Face Shop top coat for this mani. 

As you may know I am currently visiting my mom up in the mountains so I had the chance to bring her a nice hanging plant. Of course I had to snap a shot with these purple Pansies too excited about all the flowers this season. And it just so happened these were purple as well!


Here is a quick close up of Love-A-Bull which all is purpley goodness. You can kind of see the holo’s but there are much more then pictured here.


Next in this duo of Polishes for Pitbull’s is “Adore-A-Bull“, yes yes I know, just as cute right?! This shade is also a beautiful jelly holo with lots of purple micro glitters but it also has a bunch of dark blue micro glitters as well, making it all the more desirable!


Again here is a out of focus comparison shot to show all that super duper holo glitter.


I also used two non streaky coats with my Face Shop top coat.

IMG_0270Close up of Adore-a-Bull such a perfect jelly holo beauty, oooo I just love it!


Both Love-a-Bull and Adore-a-Bull are $15 where $10 of that goes to help out the doggies over at the Fresno Bully Rescue, and the other $5 goes to Michelle to cover her cost’s. Look stylish and donate to a good cause at the same time!

Laquerlicious has great customer service! She always has her polishes in stock so you can leisurely shop like you should be able to. She also sends out her orders the next day of the order! So check out these Polishes for Pitbulls as well as all of the other awesome creations made by Michelle at Laquerliciouses Etsy shop.

Also check out Laquerlicious Facebook and Instagram, @creativenailchick, pages for new shades and sales!

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