Daphne’s Birthday Party- Pretty Serious Turns One

On-the-day-Birthday-Banner-2_largeToday marks the birthday of Daphne, the cute and lovable pinup girl on all those awesome Pretty Serious Cosmetics boxes! To celebrate this occasion the folks over at Pretty Serious decided to create a polish solely devoted to Daphne’s birthday, named Daphne’s Birthday Party. What a great way to share such a momentous occasion with everyone. Of course I had to join in on the fun and purchase a bottle for myself. So what undie do i use for this beautiful birthday polish? Some more Pretty Serious polishes of course! I ended up using CGA, Nightopia, Nightmaren and Elliot; all colors that are in Daphne’s Birthday Party, which I happen to be holding in the below photo.


Daphne’s Birthday Party is an oober awesome multicolored mix of the tiniest little hex glitters in a clear base. With two or three coats I’m sure you could get full opacity. I used one lovely coat for this manicure.


I don’t know what it is with me, Pretty Serious and Hex Nail Jewelry but they all just mix so well together. This is the second time I’m using them together! I grabbed my “oh shit” charm and added it to my accent finger to give this mani a little pop. I love it!

IMG_9821[1]Here is a close up of the charm, just because its so rad on top of Daphne’s Birthday Party!


Happy Birthday Daphne and Pretty Serious Cosmetics!

You can find Pretty Serious Products HERE!



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