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piCture pOlish Camo with Splatter Nail Tutorial

Hey there lovelies! Back home from visiting my mom for a couple weeks and finally getting a chance to do nails again, I mean it’s only been flipping 5 days! That’s just too long, especially since I’m on summer break. I had to skip last weeks piCture pOlish post but I am real excited about this one. A few weeks back I did a splatter manicure in a bunch of different colors. I figured these three shades from piCture pOlish would go together great for this design. Camo, Demeter and Beige.


To start out I used Camo as my base since it was kind of in the middle range of colors between Demeter and Beige. “Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide!” HA love it! I can’t get enough of their little sayings on their bottles.

Picture Polish- camoAs you can see camo is a muted green cream. It screams camo! I used two coats for these photos they applied kind of streaky but the top coat fixed that. Camo is not a shade I personally would rock by itself, of course unless I was on my way to boot camp or something of that nature. So I had to spruce it up a bit like I do.


And BAM! More splatter! So like I said these colors were just too perfect for each other. I mean if I had my nails in the woods hunting I’m sure I could catch all the animals, not that I would want to, unless it was Deer because jerky is tasty. For the photo below I didn’t apply topcoat to my outer nails so you can observe the textured look this effect gives you. I would suggest applying topcoat to all nails if you want to prevent chipping of course.

Picturepolish-camo2Here they are with top coat on them all. My boyfriend approves with the remark “My god it looks awesome,” so I am pretty satisfied. But seriously I really do like this effect it’s not too hard at all, therefore I had to create a tutorial!


The supplies you will need to achieve this effect are: At least 3 shades of polish, computer paper, small black bar straws, masking tape and scissors.

Set up: Lay the paper onto your work surface, this will help with clean up. Open all polishes to be used.


1.) Apply a base coat of your choice and let that dry. If you’d like to make the clean up process easier then apply some tape around your nail.

2.) Next dab a few drops of the first polish you want to use onto the paper in the corner somewhere. Take the straw and dab it into the wet polish.

3.) Now with your nail placed onto the paper somewhere, blow the polish onto your nail. This may take a few tries and even when you get the hang of it sometimes the polish just doesn’t go right onto the nail.

4.) When needed dab some more polish onto the paper. After about  4-5 blows you can achieve the first layer. You don’t want to add TOO much since you want the other color(s) to stand out as well. The amount of layers you blow can also depend on the thickness of your polish or how many colors you are using since you don’t have to use just two.

5-7) Now repeat steps 2-4. You might accidentally blow a big glob of polish onto your nail which could kind of take away from the rest of them. If this happen try to gently disperse or rid of this glob. You might just have to redo that one, or you might feel that it adds to the randomness of the design.

8.)  When you have applied enough blows to your nail (haha that sounds funny) remove the tape and clean up around your nail with a q-tip and polish remover.

9.) You can then take a small clean up brush to clean up around your cuticles. Wait for this to dry for around 20 minutes or so and then apply a NON smearing top coat. With the straws I like to reuse them for each nail so I take some scissors and cut the tips so I have a nice clean surface for the next nail.

If you have any questions what so ever about this tutorial, other tutorials, or just polish in general please feel free to leave me a comment or contact me on Instagram or Facebook. You can also contact me here.

If you’d like to purchase these piCture pOlish shades or any other ones then you should know they sell and ship their products to the U.S. and many other countries thru their website located HERE. You can also purchase piCture pOlish shades thru a multiple of other shops located at this LINK where the shipping might be more to your liking, depending on your location of course.

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Laquerlicious- Polish for Pitbulls

Ay there lovelies! Finally found a sunny day to try out these two beautiful Polishes for Pitbull’s made by the awesomely creative Michelle of Laquerlicious. The special thing about these shades is not only that they are darn gorgeous but a portion of the proceeds goes towards the Fresno Bully Rescue; a nonprofit organization that rescues pit bulls.

First up is “Love-A-Bull” isn’t the name just too cute?! This shade is a lovely darkish purple jelly with lots of purple micro glitters and just the right amount of holo to give it that rainbow shimmer in the light, especially in the sun.


Just to show you how pretty those rainbow holo glitters look here is an out of focus comparison of Love-A-Bull which had a great application for a jelly not too streaky and pretty much opaque in one coat. I used two coats with my Face Shop top coat for this mani. 

As you may know I am currently visiting my mom up in the mountains so I had the chance to bring her a nice hanging plant. Of course I had to snap a shot with these purple Pansies too excited about all the flowers this season. And it just so happened these were purple as well!


Here is a quick close up of Love-A-Bull which all is purpley goodness. You can kind of see the holo’s but there are much more then pictured here.


Next in this duo of Polishes for Pitbull’s is “Adore-A-Bull“, yes yes I know, just as cute right?! This shade is also a beautiful jelly holo with lots of purple micro glitters but it also has a bunch of dark blue micro glitters as well, making it all the more desirable!


Again here is a out of focus comparison shot to show all that super duper holo glitter.


I also used two non streaky coats with my Face Shop top coat.

IMG_0270Close up of Adore-a-Bull such a perfect jelly holo beauty, oooo I just love it!


Both Love-a-Bull and Adore-a-Bull are $15 where $10 of that goes to help out the doggies over at the Fresno Bully Rescue, and the other $5 goes to Michelle to cover her cost’s. Look stylish and donate to a good cause at the same time!

Laquerlicious has great customer service! She always has her polishes in stock so you can leisurely shop like you should be able to. She also sends out her orders the next day of the order! So check out these Polishes for Pitbulls as well as all of the other awesome creations made by Michelle at Laquerliciouses Etsy shop.

Also check out Laquerlicious Facebook and Instagram, @creativenailchick, pages for new shades and sales!


Minty Mermaid Fin Water Marble

Blogging on my iPhone, ya think it’s possible?! HA! Still up in the mountains visiting my mama so bear with me for this real quick post!

You may be thinking, “she brings polish with her on vacation?” And the answer is hell yes! I gotta get my fix ya know?! Looking back I probably should of brought more colors, because last night I just was having trouble with my color combos. But thankfully I tried out a combo using Wet n’ Wilds Refresh Mint, given to me by my love Jessie (IG: nailsofjessiek) and Aengland’s Camelot, which is a pure black cream.

imageThe mermaid fin design was calling me and at first when I finished I wasn’t to hyped up about it all. But then as I started taking pictures I gradually fell more and more with the whole shabang.imageThe larger portion of the minty color threw me off but actually is really well balanced. Just another reason why I love water marbling so much. You really can’t get the outcome you get with any other type of technique, at least I think so.

imageLots more water marbles and swatches to come, this is gona be a busy summer!


piCture pOlish- Shocked with Big Ruby Tattoes

Whew! Finally some blogging! Visiting my mom up in the mountains so the internet isn’t too hot, but I’m managing and I’m having SUCH a good time with her! Very glad to be done with this semester and as I’ve said before am looking forward to fun filled summer of nails!

Today I begin with a weekly post that I will have going for the next couple of months showcasing some beautiful piCture pOlish shades! This Australian made brand is 3-free of toluene, DBP and formaldehyde resin making it an eco friendly varnish.

The first shade I decided to use was one of their many collaboration shades. These colors are ones that piCture pOlish and a blogger, nail artist or even some nail polish shops create with one another. Sarah over at Shatter me Claire created this beautiful pink jelly holo with piCture pOlish named Shocked and it really is a beauty!

piCturepOlish_Shocked1I used three semi-thin coats and topped it off with my new Face Shop top coat Kianna (@kpandaanails) gave me, giving it such a nice shine. I love this fuchsia pink jelly! The holo makes it look all shimmery and glittery without all the actual glitter. What a beautiful pink shade, I loved it so much I used it on my toes as well!

piCturepOlish_Shocked2This pose kind of just popped in my head as I was taking pictures and I think I’ll stick with it for these piCture pOlish shades. I love the little sayings they have on the bottles!

Recently I purchased some Big Ruby Nail Tattoo’s that I saw Sarah from Chalkboardnails using and I’ve been urning to use them. I’m not to good with detailed art or anything like that so these are an awesome find for me; first time using nail tattos and I lurv it!

piCturepOlish_Shocked4Visiting my mom up in the mountains in all this nature made me use these lovely Garden themed tattoo’s. I used some butterflies and a flower on my accent and a lady bug and another flower on my middle. These tattoos apply the same way any other fake tattoo would so it wasn’t had at all.


I thought that maybe the colors of the tattoos might get lost on such a vibrant pink but the colors I choose ended up really complementing Shocked. Heres a close up of the tattoos ontop of this SHOCKER of a varnish!


piCture pOlish sells and ships their products to the U.S. and many other countries thru their website located HERE. You can also purchase piCture pOlish shades thru a multiple of other shops located at this LINK where the shipping might be more to your liking, depending on your location of course.

 Check out piCture pOlish thru these social media outlets:





Also if you would like to purchase Big Ruby tattoos you can find them HERE.


Daphne’s Birthday Party- Pretty Serious Turns One

On-the-day-Birthday-Banner-2_largeToday marks the birthday of Daphne, the cute and lovable pinup girl on all those awesome Pretty Serious Cosmetics boxes! To celebrate this occasion the folks over at Pretty Serious decided to create a polish solely devoted to Daphne’s birthday, named Daphne’s Birthday Party. What a great way to share such a momentous occasion with everyone. Of course I had to join in on the fun and purchase a bottle for myself. So what undie do i use for this beautiful birthday polish? Some more Pretty Serious polishes of course! I ended up using CGA, Nightopia, Nightmaren and Elliot; all colors that are in Daphne’s Birthday Party, which I happen to be holding in the below photo.


Daphne’s Birthday Party is an oober awesome multicolored mix of the tiniest little hex glitters in a clear base. With two or three coats I’m sure you could get full opacity. I used one lovely coat for this manicure.


I don’t know what it is with me, Pretty Serious and Hex Nail Jewelry but they all just mix so well together. This is the second time I’m using them together! I grabbed my “oh shit” charm and added it to my accent finger to give this mani a little pop. I love it!

IMG_9821[1]Here is a close up of the charm, just because its so rad on top of Daphne’s Birthday Party!


Happy Birthday Daphne and Pretty Serious Cosmetics!

You can find Pretty Serious Products HERE!




Square Hue Madonna Collection Water Marble

Alright so this blog is under construction but lets get it going with my most recent water marble using some colors from my monthly Square Hue box. This is my second month receiving a box from Square hue and I have to say its quite pleasant. The colors have all been nice and bright, matching this month and April, and they rock for water marbling!


I used Happy Cream and Day Glow which were the creamy ones of the trio of pink that came in the Madonna collection.

I did a pretty random design for this marble but it still came out nicely which is one of the major reasons I love water marbling. You can drag your tool any which one at times and still come out with a cool design.
IMG_9824[1] I’m probably going to keep my subscription for Square Hue since its $20 for three 15ml polishes and they work good for what I do!

You can sign up at Square Hue’s website here!