Radical Rainbow Water Marble using Bettina

This week I received my first Bettina polishes! These are only available in Florida and Puerto Rico so I don’t have easy access to them, but the lovely Jackie was kind enough to send me this beautiful rainbow of them. Bettina’s nail enamel has been known to marble well so I was really happy to get my hands on some.


I have so many combos lined up to marble with but these Bettina’s were just calling me to try them out. So of course I had to do a rainbow one, well because rainbow is my favorite color. I ended up going with the Mermaid Fin design which really helped showcase all the colors.


I skipped the pink and used 5 of the colors I got; Red, Starfish, Yellow, Ocean and Purple. Love the names; you want red, well you got it! As I started to make my bull eyes I noticed that the outer layer started to shrink after it had dissipated. To solve this ordeal I dropped a round of each polish into the water and then placed my wood stick onto the outsides of the water as to anchor the polish to the cup. This helped create a larger surface of the design which is ideal with marbling. You want to have a choice of where to place your nail. Not every stroke comes out perfect all the time.


So all in all these Bettina’s weren’t too hard to marble with. The fact that you can combine all these five colors together and have such a distinctness still be shown is a great plus.


I pretty much am in love with how this water marble turned out. Every nail came out with all the colors evenly placed. My favorite of the bunch would have to be my middle finger though. I was hoping to get a picture of these pretties in the sun today but I suppose since I did a rainbow I brought the rain with it!


I am really looking forwad to using these Bettina’s again. The colors are so nice and creamy which are perfect for water marbling. Thanks again Jackie for sending me some of these beauties!

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