Month: April 2013


Radical Rainbow Water Marble using Bettina

This week I received my first Bettina polishes! These are only available in Florida and Puerto Rico so I don’t have easy access to them, but the lovely Jackie was kind enough to send me this beautiful rainbow of them. Bettina’s nail enamel has been known to marble well so I was really happy to get my hands on some.


I have so many combos lined up to marble with but these Bettina’s were just calling me to try them out. So of course I had to do a rainbow one, well because rainbow is my favorite color. I ended up going with the Mermaid Fin design which really helped showcase all the colors.


I skipped the pink and used 5 of the colors I got; Red, Starfish, Yellow, Ocean and Purple. Love the names; you want red, well you got it! As I started to make my bull eyes I noticed that the outer layer started to shrink after it had dissipated. To solve this ordeal I dropped a round of each polish into the water and then placed my wood stick onto the outsides of the water as to anchor the polish to the cup. This helped create a larger surface of the design which is ideal with marbling. You want to have a choice of where to place your nail. Not every stroke comes out perfect all the time.


So all in all these Bettina’s weren’t too hard to marble with. The fact that you can combine all these five colors together and have such a distinctness still be shown is a great plus.


I pretty much am in love with how this water marble turned out. Every nail came out with all the colors evenly placed. My favorite of the bunch would have to be my middle finger though. I was hoping to get a picture of these pretties in the sun today but I suppose since I did a rainbow I brought the rain with it!


I am really looking forwad to using these Bettina’s again. The colors are so nice and creamy which are perfect for water marbling. Thanks again Jackie for sending me some of these beauties!


TUTORIAL: Mermaid Fin Water Marble

Wanna support and spread awareness for Autism this month? Then scroll below for a tutorial on this blue Mermaid Fin water marble design!



Supplies you will need: 3 creamy polishes that dissipate evenly on the water; ;white polish; a small plastic bathroom cup filled with room temperature filtered water; masking tape; toothpicks or orange sticks; paper towels; q-tips; clean-up brush with dish of nail polish remover.

1.) Apply a base coat of white to your nail/s and let that dry. Next rip off a piece of short masking tape and wrap it around your finger near the base of the nail. Rip off a longer piece of masking tape and wrap that around the sides and top of your finger (fingers can be wrapped individually or all at once. You may want to rip all the pieces you are going to use before you begin marbling so you don’t mess up any nails in the process)

2.) Open all the polishes and begin to drop one color after another into the water. Allow the polishes to spread on the surface of the water as you drop each polish. If the first drop of polish doesn’t dissipate to the edges of the cup then simply place the orange stick in water and break the surface tension so the polishes anchor onto the cup.

3.) The amount of rings you want to create will depend on the amount of different polishes you are using as well as how the polishes dissipate in the water. In this marble I used 3 different polishes so I did a ring of each color 5 times. You want to create a nice bull eyes (as pictured above).

4.) Next drag from the center out to the edge of the cup with your toothpick or orange stick and kind of anchor the polish to the sides of the cup. Wipe off the tool you are using on a paper towel so that you can create fine line designs in the water.

5.) Now drag from the center to the opposite side of the cup.

6-10.) Next begin to drag the toothpick from each side of the cup, anchoring the polish onto the cup and wiping it off every time. This will create a nice chevron stripe design.

11.) Now you are going to want to slowly and gently move the cup around so you can easily dip your nail onto one of the “mermaid fins”

12.) Once you have found the nicest fin slowly and gently dip your nail onto the surface and into the water leaving it submerged.

13.) With a toothpick or thicker stick, pick up the excess polish that is on top of the water so that your design is not ruined. Make sure you don’t bring up your finger too early or you will ruin the design. Also make sure you don’t nick your nail on the sides of the cup!

14.) Slowly take out your finger to prevent air bubbles

15.) CAREFULLY take the masking tape off of your finger. Clean around your cuticles and under your nail slowly with the q-tip and cleaning brush. You don’t want to mess up your beautiful design. I like to clean each nail right after I marble it since the polish is still kind of wet which helps to get it off easier.

16.) Let your nails dry for at least 15 minutes, you don’t want any smudges and then apply top coat and let that dry.

Viola! & there you have a beautiful Mermaid Fin Water Marble design for yourself!

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