TUTORIAL: Dry Marble Effect

Today I have for you a tutorial on how to achieve this tie-dye dry marble look! Since this design is kind of new to the nail art world (at least to me) I wanted to make a quick pictorial and tutorial for it!



Supplies you will need: A white polish, 3-4 other colors and a pin or toothpick

1.) Start by painting your nail a white base coat (I did one nail at a time)

2.) Open up all the colors you’d like to use. For this nail I used a pattern of pink, yellow, purple & blue but you can line up the colors anyway you’d like, you’d still get a cool effect. So begin with your first color by taking a short of large drop of polish and place it where you’d like to start out your design (you don’t want it to be running off of your nail but this should be the largest blob since it covers the least amount of space on your nail)

3.) Take your next color and gently drag it alongside the last blob of polish. These two polishes might mix together a bit which is okay but if you find that they are running all over the place on your nail you probably put too much polish.

4.) Take your next color and drag that around the last color you placed on the nail. Less polish should be used for this round since you don’t need to drag it very far.

5.) You could stop at 3 colors but if you’d like you can add one more line of color around the rest. You should now have a sort of rainbow looking design on you nail.

6.) Now take your toothpick or pin and gently drag it from the middle of your first blob to the last color that you placed on your nail. Don’t press down too hard because this will create a short of blank spot.

7.) Keep draging out from the center blob to create the tie-dye look.

8.) This design really isn’t too difficult once you try it out on one or two nails. I ended up redoing a couple because I had put too much polish on the nail. But it take less time then a water marble and gives such an awesome effect!

If you have ANY questions please ask me on here email me at mucking or ask me on instagram (@mucking_fusser)

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