TUTORIAL: Dripping effect

Quick tutorial on this drip nail design. Kind of hard to photograph but I hope this helps!

1.) Paint your nails with the desired color(s) and let that dry. Then apply a matte top coat to take away the shine of the polish.

2.) For the drip design I used both a small and large dotting tool.

3.) Drip some of the color you are using to make the drips with onto a plastic surface (I used a small plastic cup). Then dip  the small dotting tool into the polish and make a line from one side of your nail to the other.

4.) Dip your dotting tool into the polish again and begin to fill up the tip of your nail.

5.) Keep applying polish to the tip of your nail.

6.) Now with the larger dotting tool place a large dot down away from the tip of color. Leave the dotting tool on the large dot of polish and gently drag some of the polish up to the line of color kind of connecting them. (This step is kind of hard to get a picture of but after trying it a couple of times you should be able to get the hang of it.)

7.) Do this again but farther down on your nail so the drips look kind of random on your nail.

8.) I Was able to fit 3 drips on most of my nails and 4 on my ring finger

9.) To help seal in the design carefully apply a top coat only to the drips (if you don’t use a matte top coat for the other color then simply apply top coat to the whole design)

I hope this helps out anyone wanting to try out this design. It does take less time then water marbling and you get a great outcome (not that water marbling isn’t awesome as well)

If you have any questions or concerns please email me at mucking or comment to me on instagram @mucking_fusser


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