Surprise Nails for My Birthday!

Last week on March 21st I turned 21 years old! To celebrate this occasion some very AMAZING ladies came together and surprised me with a bunch of different manicures they did to say Happy Birthday to me! I was seriously so surprised and honored that anyone, let alone a bunch of people, would come together to do such a sweet thing for me! Here are the manicures that everyone did.


Picture here are @pleasedtopleaseyou @jessuhhhkuh @nailsofjessik @madamluck @g2thelo @nailsbylins @kimiko7878 @pandasnails manicures.  CHECK all these ladies out!


Pictured here are @nailingaround @jewsie_nails @simplelilpleasures @lacquer_lust @slacquerr @nails_by_rheanna @maylinails @bettinanails @attridge manicures. CHECK all these ladies out!


I also missed out on sharing these amazing water marbles that @sparrownails @nails4dummies & @tilldeathdoipolish did in honor of my Birthday! THANK YOU LADIES THESE ARE BEAUTIFUL! Also pictured is the cake my family got for my birthday this year! 20 fingers with rainbow nails and then one more finger in the middle to make 21!! I was so surprised and it tasted so good!

THANK YOU everyone for all the birthday wishes! I couldn’t have had a more special birthday!

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