Month: March 2013


TUTORIAL: Dripping effect

Quick tutorial on this drip nail design. Kind of hard to photograph but I hope this helps!

1.) Paint your nails with the desired color(s) and let that dry. Then apply a matte top coat to take away the shine of the polish.

2.) For the drip design I used both a small and large dotting tool.

3.) Drip some of the color you are using to make the drips with onto a plastic surface (I used a small plastic cup). Then dip  the small dotting tool into the polish and make a line from one side of your nail to the other.

4.) Dip your dotting tool into the polish again and begin to fill up the tip of your nail.

5.) Keep applying polish to the tip of your nail.

6.) Now with the larger dotting tool place a large dot down away from the tip of color. Leave the dotting tool on the large dot of polish and gently drag some of the polish up to the line of color kind of connecting them. (This step is kind of hard to get a picture of but after trying it a couple of times you should be able to get the hang of it.)

7.) Do this again but farther down on your nail so the drips look kind of random on your nail.

8.) I Was able to fit 3 drips on most of my nails and 4 on my ring finger

9.) To help seal in the design carefully apply a top coat only to the drips (if you don’t use a matte top coat for the other color then simply apply top coat to the whole design)

I hope this helps out anyone wanting to try out this design. It does take less time then water marbling and you get a great outcome (not that water marbling isn’t awesome as well)

If you have any questions or concerns please email me at mucking or comment to me on instagram @mucking_fusser



TUTORIAL: Dry Marble Effect

Today I have for you a tutorial on how to achieve this tie-dye dry marble look! Since this design is kind of new to the nail art world (at least to me) I wanted to make a quick pictorial and tutorial for it!



Supplies you will need: A white polish, 3-4 other colors and a pin or toothpick

1.) Start by painting your nail a white base coat (I did one nail at a time)

2.) Open up all the colors you’d like to use. For this nail I used a pattern of pink, yellow, purple & blue but you can line up the colors anyway you’d like, you’d still get a cool effect. So begin with your first color by taking a short of large drop of polish and place it where you’d like to start out your design (you don’t want it to be running off of your nail but this should be the largest blob since it covers the least amount of space on your nail)

3.) Take your next color and gently drag it alongside the last blob of polish. These two polishes might mix together a bit which is okay but if you find that they are running all over the place on your nail you probably put too much polish.

4.) Take your next color and drag that around the last color you placed on the nail. Less polish should be used for this round since you don’t need to drag it very far.

5.) You could stop at 3 colors but if you’d like you can add one more line of color around the rest. You should now have a sort of rainbow looking design on you nail.

6.) Now take your toothpick or pin and gently drag it from the middle of your first blob to the last color that you placed on your nail. Don’t press down too hard because this will create a short of blank spot.

7.) Keep draging out from the center blob to create the tie-dye look.

8.) This design really isn’t too difficult once you try it out on one or two nails. I ended up redoing a couple because I had put too much polish on the nail. But it take less time then a water marble and gives such an awesome effect!

If you have ANY questions please ask me on here email me at mucking or ask me on instagram (@mucking_fusser)


Surprise Nails for My Birthday!

Last week on March 21st I turned 21 years old! To celebrate this occasion some very AMAZING ladies came together and surprised me with a bunch of different manicures they did to say Happy Birthday to me! I was seriously so surprised and honored that anyone, let alone a bunch of people, would come together to do such a sweet thing for me! Here are the manicures that everyone did.


Picture here are @pleasedtopleaseyou @jessuhhhkuh @nailsofjessik @madamluck @g2thelo @nailsbylins @kimiko7878 @pandasnails manicures.  CHECK all these ladies out!


Pictured here are @nailingaround @jewsie_nails @simplelilpleasures @lacquer_lust @slacquerr @nails_by_rheanna @maylinails @bettinanails @attridge manicures. CHECK all these ladies out!


I also missed out on sharing these amazing water marbles that @sparrownails @nails4dummies & @tilldeathdoipolish did in honor of my Birthday! THANK YOU LADIES THESE ARE BEAUTIFUL! Also pictured is the cake my family got for my birthday this year! 20 fingers with rainbow nails and then one more finger in the middle to make 21!! I was so surprised and it tasted so good!

THANK YOU everyone for all the birthday wishes! I couldn’t have had a more special birthday!


TUTORIAL: Clover Water Marble for St. Paddys Day

Hey everyone! Wanted to make a tutorial for this clover water marble design so everyone could have rocking clovers on their nails for St. Paddys Day! I hope it helps in everyones Water Marbling endeavors!

For this Water Marble I ended up using some lovely Julep colors called Leah & Hoch, Enjoy!


What you will need:

White, Dark & Light green polish; toothpicks & cotton swabs; nail polish remover; masking tape; small plastic bathroom cup with rom temperature filtered water; Large stick could be an orange stick (to pick up excess polish) paper towels

1.) After doing some trials (which tends to be a must need) I found that using one coat of white and then one coat of Julep’s Leah gave me the best results as my base. Paint your nails with these colors and let them dry for a few minutes.

2.) Rip off a piece of short masking tape to wrap around your finger near the base of the nail and then rip off another longer piece of masking tape to wrap around the sides and top of your finger (fingers can be wrapped individually or all at once)

3.) Open your polishes and begin creating a bull eyes like design by dropping a drop of each color one after the other. Once you have a nice small green circle in the middle you are ready to make the design

4.) Take your toothpick (or other tool) and GENTLY drag to the center of the small circle (Wipe your pick after each use) Do this from the opposite side and then very gently dip the pick into the center of the design. This will create a tighter design attach to the two sides together. If need be dip the pick again to pick up more polish (As seen in #10 the toothpick has some excess polish that I picked up from the middle of the design)

5.) Now from the other side’s drag your pick in the same fashion. Dipping the toothpick to pick up any unwanted polish in the middle of the clover. (As seen in #12 this creates a nice tight design)

6.) Next with your taped finger place the nail directly on top of the clover. Placement is key for this water marble design. Don’t rush after you have your design, find where you need to place your finger so that it lines up in the middle.

7.) After dipping your finger leave it submerged in the water so that any excess polish can be picked up (using the large stick). If you brought your finger back up without doing this then your design would be ruined.

8.) Slowly take your finger out of the water to prevent air bubbles and CAREFULLY take the tape off of your finger, you wouldn’t want to ruin your amazing design!

9.) Clean up around your cuticles with an orange stick and then with some cotton swabs dipped in Nail polish remover. For nicer clean up use a small brush to get all the polish off of your fingers.

10.) Let your nails dry and apply a top coat!

I hope this helps anyone wanting to try out this clover look for St. Paddys Day! If you have any questions please ask me on here, instagram (@mucking_fusser) or by email ( Happy St. Paddys day everyone!