So you may ask yourself sometimes who is this person behind these nails?! Who is Mucking Fusser? Well the name I go by is Corynn Musser and I’m a 21 year old college student in Kent Ohio going for my Bachelors in Science with a pre-med concentration. That’s right, I want to be a doctor! Who would think that someone like myself would grow such a fond love of nail polish and doing my nails. Back in November of 2012 I had a free evening to do my nails but didn’t just want to polish them with one color. Usually when I went to get my nails done at a salon I would choose five different colors and have them paint each one different. I just love rainbows so much! So while browsing on different designs on the web I saw this wicked cool one called water marbling. I couldn’t beleive I was just hearing of this technique. It was so up my alley and I had to try it! Here’s what I ended up with using some old sinful colors and tap water.

My very first water marble

This only proves that practice really does make perfect! Don’t feel defeated by water marbling!

I knew I could do better so I went out and bought some new polishes and watched a few more tutorials on youtube. After that I become almost addicted to water marbling and had to change my nails once a week or so.

I then was introduced to the wonderful world of indie nail polishes. I purchased my first indie polishes from Jo over at Lacquer Lust. The lovely Gaby, Lacquerloon, swatched Jo’s hashtag holo set so beautifully and I couldn’t pass up a rainbow! At the time I was only following these ladies and a couple other nail gals. I did a water marbling using Jo’s polishes and she was so impressed that she graciously shared my photo on her page. From then on my love of polish has grown to a tremendous and wonderful feeling. Sharing this love with such an amazing community has only made it better,  so I thank you!